Transpersonal has been defined as experiences “in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond the conventional, personal or individual levels”.

We are all on our own individual transpersonal or spiritual journey. We feel that there has to be more to life than just meeting our emotional- and physical needs or the gratification of our desires to feed our egos.

Happiness is our natural state of being but fear prevents us from experiencing it on an ongoing basis. Fear comes from worry and uncertainty about the past or future, in the present moment fear is greatly diminished .

There are many ways to come into the present: meditation, prayer, being in nature, seeing beauty, watching a child at play, listening to music, dancing or appreciating art. Becoming aware of the senses brings us into the present. Once present, our worries about the future or past disappear and we start to relax and open up to our higher Self allowing us to experience peace, love and happiness and that puts us in touch with our own intuition which will guide us to lead a more fulfilling life.

TransPersonal journeys can take many forms and is unique to every individual.

As we progress we will slowly become aware of all nine our senses and not only the five physical senses but also the 4 “higher” senses. Awareness brings us to the realization that we can not be that that we can perceive and therefore have to be something more.

The Nine senses:

  1. Gustatory- Taste
  2. Olfactory – Smell
  3. Tactile – Touch
  4. Auditory – Sound
  5. Visual – Sight
  6. Emotional – Feeling
  7. Mental – Thinking
  8. Subconscious – Believing or core Belief system
  9. Super-conscious – Knowing or Universal Connection

Once all nine senses are integrated Unity or Oneness with everything is realized and one becomes fully-realized or enlightened to the fact that everything is connected and directly affects everything else in the Universe.