Ari Terblanche

Ari, is an independent researcher. He is interested in Consciousness, States of Consciousness, Altered States of Consciousness, Sensory Stimulation, Vibratory Resonance, and Neuro/biofeedback, which of course leads to, Neuroscience, Machine Learning, AI, Transpersonal Psychology, Psychology, Philosophy, Music, Physics, Quantum Physics, Hypnotherapy, and Energy work.

“Awareness” is a word Ari heard a lot from his dad while growing up. Becoming more aware of his own awareness eventually lead him to experience it directly and since then he has sought ways to share that information with others so that they too may have a direct experience of it.

Years of research and exploring various approaches culminated in the development of the “Awareness and the Nine Senses” concept which he believes to be a very valuable tool as it is constantly evolving and easy to apply in one’s own daily life.

Ari has always had a deep interest in both ancient wisdom and modern technology and seeks to combine them in a meaningful way.

Ari’s non-judgmental, authentic and warm presence creates a safe environment where we can just be, allowing our authentic self to find its expression both inwardly and outwardly.” – Shizuko Naruse-Claassens

Shizuko Naruse-Claassens