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Sensate Session

Sensate – “perceiving or perceived by the senses”

For a more detailed description please see the Sense & Sensuality Explained post.

The Nine Senses and Letting Go

We treat emotion, thought, the subconscious and super-conscious exactly the same as sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. When we do this, it allows us to take a step back from our negative thoughts, feelings, programs and external influences. This in turn enables us to let them go, or just to let them be.

Awareness vs Focus:

“Where attention goes energy flows.”

Our energy flow can be outwards (focus), inwards (awareness) or neutral (Pure Awareness), and it is up to us to consciously direct our attention to where we want our energy to flow.

Sensuality vs Sexuality

The vital force that flows through us, and sustains us, and drives us, consist in part of creative energy. We can focus this creative energy outwards in the form of sexuality, or turn it inwards in the form of sensuality. Sensual awareness is the opening up of all nine senses to let this energy flow into us freely.

Light touch and gentle massage

Light touch and gentle massage stimulate the nerve endings, which in turn relaxes the muscles, which allows energy to flow more easily. And when we combine this with the conscious directing of the creative energy up the spine and then through the whole body it can be quite an experience.

Ladies only for now, sorry.

The Sensate Session Options

There are varies options for the sensate sessions and you can pick and choose as you wish (and change your mind mid-session):

  • Talk (30-60min)
    • Theory, guided meditation and discussion only
    • No energy work or touch/massage
    • Fully clothed.
  • Talk and no-touch energy work. (30-60min)
    • Theory, guided meditation and discussion
    • No touch or massage
    • Clothing optional
  • Gentle touch and energy work (60-90min)
    • Theory, guided meditation and discussion
    • Gentle touch massage with energy work
    • Clothing optional but not recommended
  • Full experience (90-120min)
    • Theory, guided meditation and discussion
    • Gentle touch massage with energy work
    • No clothing
    • Yoni Massage


Pay-it-forward option: Due to the current Covid situation many people that need this service cannot afford it. I would like to help and I am open to negotiation, barter or to work on a pure donation basis. If your session helped you in any way and you would like to help a stranger out, you are very welcome to pay-it-forward and invest in someone else’s wellbeing by paying for their session anonymously.

Suggested guide rates R400-600 / hour (you decide….)