Vibratory-Resonance Technology – VRT

Vibratory-Resonance is short for multi-vibrational harmonic resonance and simultaneous sensory stimulation technology. It enhances energetic flow states, balances frequencies through sympathetic vibration, improves overall awareness and it increases your mental focus, all of which will help you to optimise your personal performance. Your session can be monitored with the Muse Brain-sensing Headband to analyze your brainwave function.

Vibratory-Resonance gently stimulates all the senses by using a unique combination of massage therapy (full body massage chair), sound therapy, colour/ light therapy and aromatherapy in order to induce a state of deep relaxation. It uses the latest scientific research to combine all of these fields into one coherent technology – VRT.

Different vibrational frequencies, from the very low brainwave and sound frequencies to the higher colour and light frequencies, are combined with the vibration of the massage chair, as well as, the vibration of smell. Beneficial entrainment between these frequencies and different parts of the body will take place as they find their natural harmonic balance and energetic equilibrium.

Think of it as a tuning fork being struck and it then causes another tuning fork to start ringing because it picks up the vibration of the first one.

The body and the energy fields around, and inside, the body reacts in a similar way to outside stimuli. The body will take what it needs from the Vibratory-Resonance to rejuvenate itself and to synchronise all the internal processes of the system as a whole.

VRT is practically applied through a VibrationStation unit, which consists of a programmable massage chair, original composition or specifically selected music and soundscapes, DMX programmed lights and specific aromatic flavours. Brainwaves and mental states are monitored and analyzed with a Muse Headband.

Nikola Tesla said: ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’