Release your Awesomeness with Transpersonal Journey Therapy.

Hypnergy (combined hypnosis and energy work).
Open discussions.
Guided Meditation.
VRT – Vibratory Resonance Therapy.
Mastering the 9 senses through experiential training.
2-hour sessions
4 sessions recommended
(package deals available contact us)

Any one or a combination of all of the above can be used in Transpersonal Journey Therapy depending on your preference. As this is a completely client-centred approach we believe that you know yourself best and that you have the best answers for yourself but might need a bit of help to get to or find those answers. We are there to facilitate and guide you through the process using the various modalities.

Helps with:

Anxiety, Phobias, Confidence, Life Purpose, Stress Relief, Clearing Blocks, Clearing Energy Taps, Emotional Issues, Calming the Mind, Deep Relaxation, Bad Habits, Negative Emotions Thoughts and Actions, Spiritual Direction, Creativity, Realising your Full Potential and almost everything else …. Making your life Awesome!

Hypnergy (combined hypnosis and energy work):

  • Hypnosis or hypnotherapy – working with your subconscious.
    • Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is hugely misunderstood due to stage shows and TV. ( NO we will NOT make to cluck like a chicken and NO we will NOT instantly know all your deepest darkest secrets…..it does not work like that, you are in full control.)
    • It is simply a state of deep relaxation but with very focused attention. Your conscious mind will know everything that happens and can be very calm and focused while your body is deeply relaxed. That’s it…
    • Trance is a name for the state we are always in. We can be in a low-level trance, as in our normal waking state or medium level: like driving, watching TV, listening to music or focusing on work or studies or in deeper levels: like an intense conversation with a friend, sleep or creating art or music. Anytime you have a loss or expansion of the sense of time, where an hour feels like a couple of minutes or the other way around, you were most likely in a deep level of trance. It is a natural state with different depths.
    • As we become deeply relaxed we can access the subconscious mind, which is where every memory, experience and sense-input is stored. This is an amazing resource we can tap into that can be of great benefit to you.  It knows everything about you and how to help you the best, so why not use it?
  • Energy Work – working with your super-conscious.
    • You are and have energy, if you did not you would be dead!
    • Understanding the human Energetic and Magnetic Bio-fields.
    • Awareness and connection to your own energy flow and resources.
    • Working with the Source (Life Force) and the Earth (Vital Force) energy and how to utilise this energy better.
    • Energy points or centres in the body and how to activate, balance and connect them.
    • Transformation of energy states, roughly relating to transforming solid to a fluid to vapour.  Think in terms of a dam of energy starting to flow like a river and then becoming a waterfall.
    • Unleashes your creative energy and vitality.
  • Hypnergy – working with both the super and subconscious.
    • A blend and combination of both modalities.

Open discussions:

  • Open discussions about your belief system, issues, aspirations and purpose in life.
  • Non-judgemental conversations ranging from personal to spiritual or esoteric to anything else that you would like to discuss.
  • You are not “broken”, we are here to help and guide you, not to “fix” you. See and experience this truth for yourself.

Guided Meditation – with neuro-feedback:

  • We use the Muse brain-sensing headband to read your brainwave activity while you are meditating and it gives you instant feedback on how you are doing.
  • Starting with the ambient sound of a rainforest when you’re in a normal state of mind, if your mind becomes active it will get stormy and windy, and if your mind becomes calm, nice birdy sounds will be heard.
  • You can download the app to your own phone or tablet. It will track your progress and save your data everytime you use our headband during sessions.

Mastering the 9 senses through experiential training:

  • Explore the 9 senses and get to know how to use them most beneficially by following some guided meditations.
  • They are:
    1. Touch,
    2. Sight,
    3. Taste,
    4. Smell,
    5. Hearing,
    6. Emotions,
    7. Thoughts,
    8. Subconscious,
    9. Superconscious.

VRT – Vibratory Resonance Therapy:

  • Modern Mystic uses VRT, it is a unique combination of massage therapy (full body massage chair), sound therapy, colour/ light therapy and aromatherapy in order to induce a state of deep relaxation. Relieving stress, relaxing muscles and enhancing brain function, all in one session.
  • By immersing ourselves in four of our “normal” five senses it brings us into the present moment, relaxing us and that opens up a way to explore all of the Nine Senses with Hypnergy techniques after or during that session.

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