Shizuko Naruse-Claassens

“I thoroughly enjoyed the deep relaxation session at Modern Mystic. A softened body more readily invites a softened mind and we need both to live and engage harmoniously. Ari’s non-judgmental, authentic and warm presence creates a safe environment where we can just be, allowing our authentic self to find its expression both inwardly and outwardly.” – Shizuko Naruse-Claassens

Claudia Klein – www.mindworksa.com:

The cosy relaxation booth that Ari has created is truly unique. I work in the field of relaxation, mindfulness, colour therapy, chakra balancing, etc for decades. Ari’s combination treatment transfers you into another world if you allow it – into your own inner world where then your senses get soothed and you can attain a calmness that otherwise often evades us.

Claudia Klein, hypnotherapist and heart centred life coach. www.mindworksa.com 0826767919

Heidi Boon reviewed Modern Mystic — 5 star

If you have been wanting to go or wondering if you should go, I want to encourage you not to delay in going, just do it! I had my first session today and there are no real words to describe how amazing the whole overall experience was. I constantly struggle with knots in my shoulders and just had the best massage ever! The music, temperature, lighting and aroma is perfectly in sync to give you an unforgettable experience. Well done Ari and Natalie, you will definitely see me back for more sessions 

Elrine Terblanche reviewed Modern Mystic — 5 star

As a massage therapist, I can honestly say that I had an awesome therapy session at #ModernMystic today. Finally, someone brought science and energy together. While seated in a massage chair that stimulates every aching muscle in the body from the feet, calves, hamstrings, glutes, back, neck and arms all while your other senses, hearing and vision are stimulated through sound and light frequency – completely relaxation.
They have different sessions for different needs and they tailor your session accordingly.
This is exactly what this bodybuilder needed to relax and get ready for her last week of prepping for # IFBB WP competition.