All session utilize our Vibratory-Resonance Technology (VRT) in the form of multi-vibrational sense stimulation.

90-120 min Transpersonal Journey Session – R800:

  • Open discussion about your own transpersonal journey.
  • Muse Brain-Sensing Headband
  • Hypnergy (combined hypnosis and energy work).
  • Guided Meditation.
  • Includes any of the VRT – Vibratory Resonance or deep relaxation sessions.
  • Mastering the 9 senses through experiential training.
  • 1,5- to 2-hour sessions
  • 4 sessions recommended
  • For more detail see Transpersonal Journey Therapy
  • For weekly and other package deals please contact us.

20 min Deep Relaxation Sessions  or 30 min Initial Introductory Session : (Start with the 30 min option for your first session, this will give us some extra time to get you comfortable and to answer any questions.) – R300

  • Sound – Beautiful relaxing music.
  • Massage chair setting – Comfort.
  • Colour/Lights – General colour wash.
  • Aromatic essences – Lavender/Sandalwood/Vanilla to enhance relaxation.
  • Total time of 20 mins includes briefing before the session and time to recoup and have a glass of water afterwards. 30 min if it is your first session.
  • Session flow:
    • Starts with music and coloured lighting focused on the energy centres of the body. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red
    • Full body massage in the massage chair that includes the whole back, arms, legs and feet. Normally this will take an hour or even longer done with traditional methods.
    • Once totally relaxed a further 4 minutes of colour and sound will do its work. Subtle yet powerful.
  • For weekly and other options please contact us.

60 min Deep Relaxation Sessions – R600:

  • The daily limit of being in the massage chair is 30 minutes and may not be continuous. So the second and fourth part of these sessions will consist of 15 minutes with sound, light and aromatherapy only and the first and third part will incorporate the massage element.
  • Relaxation + Energy balancing session (Comfort) + Tribal Drums + Awareness Session  (more intense Recovery)
  • For weekly and other options please contact us.

Session duration and details are subject to change, we are continuously improving and upgrading the sessions as we receive feedback from you.