We all get stressed out sometimes. Work, family, responsibilities, lack of sleep, relationships and financial worries, all take its toll on our wellbeing.

Stress is the underlying cause of over 80% of all illnesses today and is on the increase, that is why we developed VRT or Vibratory-Resonance Therapy/Technology and incorporated it into our VibrationStation.

Music, lights, fragrance and a massage chair gently releases all tension and stress from the body, taking us into a deeply relaxed state and recharging our batteries, leaving us feeling invigorated, energised and ready to take on another day.

A relaxed body brings with it a calm mind and a clarity of focus. We can use this to enhance our creativity and critical thinking, helping us make better life choices. It also improves our sense of self-worth which is greatly beneficial to all our interpersonal relationships.

Book a deep relaxation session today, you owe it to yourself.

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