Workplace Wellness for Business

Work-related stress and major depression, burnout and anxiety disorders are costing SA’s economy an estimated R40.6 billion a year – equivalent to 2.2 percent of the gross domestic product.

This is according to Dr Renata Schoeman, board member of the Psychiatry Management Group (PsychMG), who was commenting ahead of World Mental Health Day.

Schoeman urges companies to realise the significance their company structure, expectations of employees and management style have, not only on the company’s annual turnover and overall productivity but in the risk of employees developing health problems that could prevent them temporarily or permanently reentering the workforce.

“Companies should play a leading role in alleviating and eradicating possible stressors at work. They should foster a healthy educational environment with pro-active mental health awareness programmes, stress management training, access to services which nurture help-seeking behaviour, implement a coaching or counselling programme, identify people in need of care and offer them resources to ensure they receive proper treatment.”

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Benefits of Employee Wellness:

  • Increased Productivity & Performance.
  • Increased Employee Motivation & Energy.
  • Improved Communication & Understanding.
  • Improved Relations, Company Culture & Morale.
  • Enhanced Recruitment & Retention of Employees.
  • Reduction in Stress & Anxiety.
  • Reduction in Employee Absenteeism.
  • Reduction in Healthcare Costs.

Optimum Performance Level:

  • An optimum stress level is required in order to maximise performance.
  • Excessive stress can negatively impact productivity, physical and emotional health.
  • Your ability to deal with stress can mean the difference between success or failure.
  • During your workday, it is important to relieve stress, relax muscles and recharge your batteries.
  • We can help you maximise your efficiency and achieve your optimum performance level.


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