#INSIGHTS: Do you understand the concept, #TranspersonalJourney?

We exist in a universe consisting of many realms that interact and influence us all, not only on a spiritual or soul level but on a physical, mental, emotional, elemental and energetic level as well. A transpersonal journey is our way of exploring the relationship between all the above and how we fit into the whole.

The whole consists of a combination of the Material|Energetic|Subtle states or realms, and is experienced by Intelligent|Conscious|Energy, made manifest through Resonance|Vibration|Frequency. The 3 Trinities.


Material|Energetic|Subtle realms

#INSIGHTS: Understanding the Material – Energetic – Subtle States or Realms.

The Universe consists of the following building blocks, which interlink and permeate each other, thereby giving birth to life as we know it.

1. Material Realm: (Physical)
The Material realm consists of atomic and sub-atomic particles that make up the: Mineral, Vegetable and Animal kingdoms.

2. Energetic Realm: (Emotional/Elemental)
Energy is transmitted through the 5 Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether. This energy manifests within us, as emotions.

3. Subtle Realm: (Spiritual)
The Subtle or Spiritual realm consists of the following:
– The Angelic or Ethereal realm which is focused on beauty, harmony and devotion – home of the Over-Soul.
– The Conceptual or Jinn realm which is focused on Imagination and bigger concepts – home of Soul Clusters.
– The Astral realm is focused on the Mental and Emotional aspects. It is home of the Individuated soul, working in conjunction with their soul group to learn and understand physical reality. It is, therefore, the training grounds between physical incarnations and life reviews after physical death, in order for the soul to progress through all the levels of the astral realm for its own growth, understanding and expansion. Once the soul has “graduated”, it continues on its journey, through the higher realms and ultimately back to Source.

Combined, all three of these realms then manifest to create Humans and other sentient beings.

Now that the Universe exists, how do we perceive and enjoy it?




#INSIGHTS: Understanding the experience of Intelligent – Conscious – Energy.

Consciousness: (Soul)
Consciousness is the knowing that you exist. This existence can be in any form, shape or manner, one of which is an expression of the soul being aware of its own existence, as a separate entity, with its own identity. This is but an illusion of separation, as the soul is always directly connected to the Source. As the soul moves into a more physical reality, it becomes more and more convinced that it is a separate being.

On a physical level, this is perceived and experienced through the body and the senses. The illusion is so strong that the soul becomes engulfed by the ego and fully believes that it is completely separated and disconnected from everything.

The individual consciousness is the awareness of the small I am. I am this, here, now, for example… I am this person, here on earth, reading this sentence now.
Once we reach this point, we start having a sense that there must be more to life and it is in this moment that our journey back to the source begins.

Intelligent Awareness: (Mind)
Intelligent awareness is the process by which the individuated soul becomes aware that it is aware.

Or in other words, awareness is the ability to perceive things, but questioning who is doing the perceiving is intelligent awareness.

As the soul enters a physical existence it first becomes aware of its surroundings, then sensations, then emotions, then thoughts, then mind, then awareness of itself and finally awareness of itself being more than the sum of its own parts.
It also becomes aware of other beings and forms having awareness and it starts to explore the world around itself and how it fits in with the rest of creation.

To be able to do this and to understand itself better it uses space and time, to separate, measure and enhance its experiences and to break it down into smaller, more manageable packets of information.

This is done through the 4 faculties of the mind which is ego, discrimination, memory and input processing. The mind continues this process until the illusion of separation, which it created itself, starts to disappear.

I am more than I think I am.

Energy Flow: (Spirit or “The Force”)
Energy connects all the aspects of consciousness and intelligent awareness, of all the individual entities, and creates a free flow of energy to aid in the communication between all aspects of the whole. In other words, energy connects all the dots.

Energy is the conduit for quantum entanglement and it exists beyond space and time, enabling transfer of information to be instantaneous.

Energy is ultimately the force that makes creation possible and by which it is sustained.

Universal Collective Consciousness:
When Intelligent Conscious Energy combines, it forms what is known as Universal Consciousness, where every part of the whole, knows everything, about every other part of the whole and there is no separation possible anymore.

The big I AM.

Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent. All knowing, all powerful and everywhere.



#INSIGHTS: Understanding the manifestation of Resonance – Vibration – Frequency.

First there is Void – Nothing. (No Thing)

Then there is Consciousness that becomes Aware and that Awareness wants to know Itself better and so It explodes into Creation with one mighty Big Bang!

This sends shock-waves through the void in the form of Vibration, creating Time and Space as the singularity expands and contracts.

Over time, these vibrations settle into particular frequencies. Some of these frequencies interact and form resonances or standing waves, which then become the birth points for matter. So each piece of matter has a resonant memory complex, giving it form and keeping that form in the physical world.

Some vibrations become energy carrier waves and are refined into the Elements and Spirit.

Further refinement of the vibratory system gives rise to the Subtle realms of Soul.

All of this brings us back to our earlier insights, where we started: “the whole consists of a combination of Material – Energetic – Subtle states, experienced by Intelligent – Conscious – Energy, manifesting through Resonance – Vibration – Frequency”, but at least now we have an idea of the big picture, which is still only a very small glimpse of the Absolute.