Application of VRT

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Our Vibratory-Resonance Technology (VRT) will optimise your well-being.

Modern Mystic uses VRT, it is a unique combination of massage therapy (full body massage chair), sound therapy, colour/ light therapy and aromatherapy in order to induce a state of deep relaxation. Relieving stress, relaxing muscles and enhancing brain function, all in one session. Your body, mind and soul will love it.

We use VRT in four separate branches of application, each with a different focus area:

Your brainwaves and mental state can also be monitored and analyzed with the Muse- Brain Sensing Headband.

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VRT – Vibratory-Resonance Technology:

Everything vibrates at different frequencies.

Objects are influenced by vibrations causing them to synchronise and resonate with each other, e.g. a glass breaking by use of only sound.

We use the vibration of sound, colour/light, smell and massage to naturally balance the body and its energetic fields.

This balancing heals, invigorates and optimizes the body-mind energy system as a whole.

Our VibrationStation is designed to deliver these multi-vibrational frequencies through our vibratory resonant technology.

Benefits of Brainwave Analytics:

Muse – The Brainwave Sensing Headband:

Monitors and reads brainwave activity.

Provides auditory feedback of your mental state.

A detailed analysis is reviewed after the session.

Records your progress over multiple sessions.

Enhances mental focus and calms your mind.

A calm mind is a healthy, creative mind.

Benefits of Massage Chair:

Benefits of Colour:

Violet – Revitalise / Intuition / Imagination / Self Knowledge / Reflection

Indigo – Insight / Understanding / Higher Mind / Concentration / Innovation

Blue – Communication / Confidence / Dedication / Reliability / Power

Green – Healing / Relaxing / Cleansing / Wellbeing / Rejuvenating / Vision

Yellow – Intellect / Positivity / Happiness / Energising / Cognitive Thought

Orange – Refreshing /Optimism / Productivity / Mental Ability & Activity

Red – Invigorating / Action / Energy / Strength / Urgency / Effectiveness

Benefits of Sound:

Enhances Energy Levels Throughout the Day.

Increases Work Productivity & Focus.

Stimulates Brain Function.

Reduces Stress, Anxiety & Physical Pain.

Increased Relaxation, Vitality & Energy.

Cleanses & Detoxifies at Cellular Levels.

Speeds up Recovery & Physical Healing.

Improves Blood Flow & Heart Function.

Benefits of Aromatherapy:

Boosts Mental & Physical Health.

Lowers Blood Pressure & Improves Circulation.

Stimulates Brain Function & Nervous System.

Reduces Mental Fatigue, Stress & Anxiety.

Improves Memory, Mental Clarity & Concentration.

Soothes & Relaxes the Mind.

Eliminates Headaches / Migraines.

Relaxes the Body & Eases Muscle Tension.


Please read more about Modern Mystic, Vibratory-Resonance or VRT, Muse and brainwaves,  the sessionstranspersonal journeys,  the different therapies we combine as well as the precautions you should be aware of.

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